The Legend moves on but you can still listen to his nuggets of wisdom!

Posted: April 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Great News! The Legend T James Logan has moved on to the “Wrestling POV Podcast” as host on the ‘Global’ version of the show. This is a good move for Tom since he can now share his passion and knowledge of indie wrestling but to a larger audience. The other upside to this is that The Legend will also feature and highlight Canadian indie wrestling on a global platform.

We did some great work together and don’t regret a minute of it! Well maybe one or two…Ha…just kidding!

Here’s a link to the Wrestling POV Podcast . . .

look for the Global episodes. You can also subscribe on your favourite podcatcher and like them on Facebook.

For historical and archival reasons we will keep this page alive but otherwise we are no long active and producing new shows. The From the Second Row Facebook page is still active and Tom is still posting there.

So for now…Sounding good Tom…see you down the road.

Dean Owen

BRASSmedia Canada, co-producer of From the Second Row podcast network.

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