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The “Legend” T James Logan talks with the tag team Billy Blaze and Dick Blood known as Blazin’ Dick

Video: Blazin’ Dick tell it like it is #indywrestling

“Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace with T James Logan at a recent CWE show in Springbrook.

At a recent CWE show in Central Alberta, The Legend T James Logan talked with Jordynne Grace. The video highlights are from her match that night at Springbrook Multiplex.

T James Logan talks with the Nikita Koloff.

Nikita Koloff, especially as a heel, was a monster in the ring. With his large stature, bald head, ominous glare, and guttural Russian language, Koloff was not someone a fan wanted to meet in a dark alleyway. However, within a few years of his debut, Koloff ended up turning face, and becoming one of the most beloved heroes in pro wrestling.




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Nikita Koloff, better known as the “Russian Nightmare,” stormed the wrestling world as few others have in the history of the sport. Imposing, immovable, and unbeatable, Nikita left a trail of fallen opponents as he brought the Cold War that loomed over the globe into the ring.

Gutbuster Radio host ‘The Legend’ T James Logan, spoke with Nikita Koloff at a recent CWE show (click here to listen to the episode) . Koloff’s story is as  inspirational as it was tragic. In this book, ‘The Russian Nightmare’ tells his story. Well worth the read (sorry – only available on Kindle)


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The Legend T James Logan sits down with Danny Duggan, Ton Kozina, Tyler Colton and Silas Young after a recent CWE show in Springbrook. In this roundtable discussion they discuss traveling tours, nutrition and being professional when working as a pro wrestler.

Quick Calls – RCW War of Legends 2016


Gutbuster TV – Coming Soon!

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Gutbuster Radio

In this episode our host the Legend T James Logan talks with:

  1. Nick Aldis AKA Magnus
  2. Chelsea Green
  3. Tony Cage

Watch for Gutbuster TV – coming soon!


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With the Legend T James Logan . . .

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In Episode 10 of Gut Buster Radio we get super sized with three great interviews.

This week The Legend T James Logan talks with:

  1. Kenny Omega,
  2. Johnny Devine,
  3. Danny Duggan.